more activity, more meetings, period.

Consider a sales professional who averages zero sales activities/day.  They don’t talk to anyone, they don’t send an email, they don’t connect on social media, they just show up to work and collect a paycheck.

Now consider a sales professional who averages 50 sales activities/day (1,000 sales activities/month).  Sounds good right, wrong!  For the average seller in today’s crowded selling environment, it takes an average of 287 sales activities to book a meeting, which means the seller averaging 1,000 sales activities will book just 3-4 meetings/month.  More activity, more meetings, period.

There are tools & technologies, and proven processes that lead to 20, 30, even 60 meetings/month when executed effectively.

A few companies who have leveraged the SalesHack, LLC 10,000 sales activity challenge:

  1. 10,000 dials against existing/dormant leads generated 59 meetings in under 4 weeks!
  2. 10,000 sales activities (phone, email, social) against 500 net new leads from ZoomInfo generated 18 meetings with Directors and VPs!




Sales Activity Matters now more than ever before.  It’s noisy out there for buyers.  They get email after email, social media connections, and sales pitches, and the “will you meet me for a coffee” just plain doesn’t work anymore.  Thoughtful outreach that is customized by persona, by vertical, and by individual person is what’s required today.  In a recent study by SalesHack, LLC across multiple companies, it takes an average of 287 sales activities to book a meeting (Note: the AA-ISP has kicked off a more thorough study with more data, and it’s likely they will find similar results).  More activity, more meetings, period.

Why don’t more sales teams just require 10,000 sales activities per month?  ANSWER: Because without the right combination of people, process, and technology, these attempts fail. Typical reasons for failed attempts at higher sales activity: 1) a bad list, 2) a team of reps who aren’t open to change, and 3) lack of understanding of how to leverage technology to achieve these results.




Our recommendation, “don’t try this at home”!  More activity should mean more meetings, but when you turn on technology without a good list, without training, and without knowing how to leverage the technology, you will not see the expected results – 20+ meetings/month.  More activity, more meetings, period.





The 10,000 Sales Activity Offer guarantees you exactly that – 10,000 activities, more meetings, period.  Whether you would like us to reach out to your dormant/stagnant leads, webinar or event leads, or your target accounts, SalesHack, LLC will guarantee 10,000 sales activities in a month.  More activity, more meetings, period.



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Good selling, @SalesHack

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