What is AIFS? (Artificial Intelligence For Sellers)

Marketing generates leads for salespeople.  Salespeople tend to treat all leads as equal, yet they are not.

Sales generates lists of prospects, and tend to treat all contacts as equal, yet they are not.

Enter Artificial Intelligence for Sellers or AIFS.

AIFS 1.0“WLGTL” – Answers the question – what leads get the love!  Let’s face it, not all leads or contacts are created equal!  If you sell a monthly subscription charged by location, and one lead is for 1 location, and another lead is for 100 locations, let’s face it, the 100 location lead is worth spending more time and resources on to close.  Companies like Everstring plugin to your CRM, show you clearly where your revenue comes from, and then help you score leads as they come in, or buy contacts that meet your ideal customer profile (ICP).  This can have a massive impact on your bookings, yet many companies don’t do this, and don’t know how to optimize around it.  Further exploring the 1 location vs. 100 location example, it’s not as simple as it sounds.  If the company signed with your biggest competitor 3 months ago, and locked in a 3 year contract, perhaps not the best account to invest too much love into right now!  Compared to a 100 person company who has a huge pain, and their contract expires with the competitor in 90 days, the contract up for renewal maybe the better one for the seller to go after at this time.  A lot of companies are investing a lot of research into answering the question – what leads get the love?

AIFS 2.0“WKOL” – Answers the question – what kind of love?  An inbound lead for 5 locations is handled differently than an inbound lead for 100 locations.  And an outbound outreach strategy is different too!  In AIFS 2.0, tech companies will actually deliver the best possible sequencing of steps for the right leads or contacts.

AIFS 3.0 – “WITRR” – Answers the question – who is the right rep?  Gerhard Gschwatner, CEO of Selling Power, predicted this years ago at a Sales 2.0 conference I attended in San Francisco.  Why should the customer (who has more power in the purchasing process than ever before), have to settle for a lousy sales rep?  In AIFS 3.0, the buyer gets connected to the seller based on things like social proximity, and other demographic factors such as a lining up the buyer with a man or woman based on what would insure a higher likelihood to close the deal.

AIFA 4.0 – “WDTRS” – Answers the question – what does the rep say?  This is extremely advanced technology, or is it?  Sabrina Atienza is Founder of Qurious.io and they provide real-time voice AI for sales calls!  Bruce Lewolt is the Co-Founder of Joy, the first AI Assistant for salespeople that determines a prospect’s personality from their online presence, combines the prospect’s personality with expert knowledge of over 200 sales methodologies, prepares the ideal prospecting and sales plan for that prospect.

Whether your company is exploring AIFS 1.0 or all the way into AIFS 4.0, it better be doing more than exploring.  Artificial Intelligence is going to be the talk of 2018 – there is no doubt about it.

Couple AIFS with Sales Acceleration – 10X more sales activity aligned to “better” sales activity, and we’re about to enter a new era of what it means to be a sales professional.




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