Always Think Big and Beyond the Possible


When Eric Lewis, Sr. Director of Lead Generation at RingCentral, was asked “If you could teleport back in time, what advice would you give yourself to prepare for today?”

ANSWER: I would tell myself “always think big and beyond the possible.”

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This is so much in line with Gerhard Gschwandtner’s game changing sales training called “High Performance Mindset”.  And the best part, there is now a one day course available by trained experts in High Performance, to insure that future generations don’t face the same regret that Eric Lewis (and I) face-which is not knowing that we could have thought bigger.

I was fortunate enough to be blogged about (with Eric Lewis) in September of 2015 where Mark Godley tagged us as “living legends” of High Velocity Sales.  THANKS for that Mark Godley!

Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  It’s not that Christine Hanks got the hole in one, it’s that she THOUGHT SHE COULD.  Eric Lewis would tell his past self to think bigger–so since that is not possible, how about telling your CURRENT SELF TO THINK BIGGER!

A story to illustrate this point:

  • Today I was staying at the Rennaisance Hotel in downtown Chicago
  • My 9am appointment cancelled the meeting at 7:54am by text message
  • So, rather than fly at 2:30pm, decided to make a go of making the 10:05am flight
  • I left the hotel at 8:37am, and asked the bellman, do you think I can make it?  He gave me a look like, hmmmm, not sure.
  • Traffic was bad, but eta was 9:03am at the Silver Car lot – from there 10 minutes drive to the airport
  • I called Silver Car, they said someone would be there to take me right when I got there
  • Even called 30 minutes ahead of time, then 5 minutes, same story.
  • When I arrived nobody was there!  And so I called and they said 15 minutes wait.
  • Had a waited, there is NO WAY I would have made the flight
  • So, the newly discovered high performance mindset, powered by my new “inner CEO” said, “call an Uber”.
  • I made the flight, with literally seconds to spare.
  • Whether you are trying to change the world with how you market, or how you sell, or just catch an earlier flight, THINK BIG, become a high performance leader.
  • Oh yeah, I’m slightly worried, because I put the Audio key on top of the tire under the left front wheel well, and can’t call them now to make sure they got it because I’m on the flight!

Here’s to Eric Lewis, a living legend in marketing!  


Good selling,


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