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SalesHack is a series of books that highlight “sales hacks” that work to drive pipeline and revenue. Contributors like Chris Beall, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and Kraig Kleeman (the world’s greatest cold caller) are refreshing reminders that doing things differently than everyone else can often yield better results.

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SalesHack (the original book) was a “hackathon” powered by more than 25 of the world’s greatest “sales hacks” alive today. Since successfully launching the book in over 142 countries around the world, Evan Kesner, one of @SalesHack’s early pupils, launched SalesHack, LLC to deliver a full-service business development managed service for sales and marketers. SalesHack, LLC leverages sales hacks outlined in both SalesHack books, and delivers them to our clients.

    SalesHack, The Original 25 Sales Hacks, was the prequel to SalesHack, and is a compilation of the 25 Sales Hacks that Chad Burmeister used to put ConnectAndSell on the map for advanced sales acceleration and conversation automation.  In this book, Chad reviews “the dinner hack” and several more that will change the way you sell and market to your target market.

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The Original SalesHack