Sales Hack #2: Outsourced Social Selling!


Sales Hack #2: Outsourced Social Selling!

Do you believe the hype that “78% Of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers”?

If you do, welcome to Inside Sales Hack #2!  This Inside Sales Hack will insure that 100% of your Sales People are “using social media” and that EVERYONE on your sales team is getting 5-10X better connections than they could on their own.

Step 1: Hire a company like Prospectr Marketing, or assign someone in your marketing department to get every Sales Reps LinkedIn login & password.

Step 2: Provide the outsourcer (or internal resource) with full access to each Sales Reps pipeline in CRM.

Step 3: The outsourcers daily job is to research new opportunities added to the pipeline, login to LinkedIn and send connection requests to as many relevant contacts at prospect company as possible.  (3 wide, 3 deep).  Examples: Director of Marketing is the primary contact, outsourcer connects to VP Sales, CEO, CMO, etc.

Step 4: Outsourcer looks up via a solution such as ZoomInfo Contact Names, Title, Email, Phone and loads them into marketing automation tool.

Step 5: Outsourcer sends (on behalf of the Sales Person) personal email via LinkedIn asking for a meeting.

Step 6: Outsourcer sends a weekly newsletter via a solution like PublishThis to stay in front of these prospects (not just the inquiring person who came in through a Lead, but the rest of the Executive team/decision makers and influencers)

Step 7: Outsourcer does daily tweets and re-tweets to relevant content that the buyers might care about.

Step 8: Outsourcer writes and original blog post once/week that also gets distributed via LinkedIn to these connections!

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