Sales Hack #4: Bring quality to the top of the funnel


Manufacturing learned decades ago that the best way to impact quality, was to bring quality to the front of the process. Errors upstream lead to defects downstream.

So why in the world has sales not learned from this? Sales Leaders all over the world hire entry level college graduates to have initial conversations with prospects, and then have another sales person with a few years of experience talk to the prospect about their business needs.

Introducing Inside Sales Hack #4: Bring quality to the top of the funnel.

Step 1 – Train the sales team to do only very light qualification up front. Example: does your company have a sales team? Do you talk to businesses on the phone? How large is your prospect database?

Step 2 – When the Sales Rep books the appointment, have them add a senior leader on every call. Eliminate their bad habits to give a demo on call 1, or give a price.

Step 3 – enjoy the results of bringing quality to the top of the funnel!

Expected results: our sales team made this change and in June, we brought our CEO on 104 sales calls, and we signed 47 deals!

Reps who can’t see that quality at the top of the funnel doesn’t help them make more money may not stick around very long. They are welcome to go spread lack of quality at your competitor!

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