it’s time for benchmarking in sales engagement

Sales Engagement Benchmarking – it’s time!

Is 287 “sales activities” to generate a meeting good? Is a 1% opt out rate good? Is 38% open rate good?

Do the KPIs vary by industry?  by lead source?  by Rep?  Yes, yes they do. My good friend Trish Bertuzzi at the Bridge Group will tell you that!

Companies like track this big data across thousands of Reps, companies, lead sources, and the like.  Isn’t it time that someone set out to create a true benchmark that CEOs and VPs of Sales can rely on?  Imagine logging into Outreach as a sales leader, and knowing if your team is below average, average, or above average.  Now imagine actually seeing the sequence that causes the “above average” vs. “below average” scores.

While I’m at it on bringing big data and benchmarks to sales engagement tools like Outreach, how about a new level of automation?

  1. Conversation Automation – 50 contacts/leads due for a phone call, click “go”, dial the list.  50 dials in < 30 minutes.  I have a feeling that someone named Chris Beall might be working on this one already!  And rumor has it, his company holds the patent on this capability!
  2. Real-Time Voice AI – It’s incredible what happens when sales people go from being able to talk with 2-3 prospects/day to 20 – 30/day.  What generally happens, they accelerate “suck”.  Real time voice AI brings conversation talk-tracks and best practices to the point of the live sales conversation.  As my friend Sabrina Atienza, CEO of says, “post-mortem doesn’t help too much, real time AI is where the real value is.”
  3. LinkedIn Automation – 50 steps due in your sequence today to connect with prospects on LinkedIn? Or perhaps just visit their LinkedIn profile.  What about one-click capability to automate this outreach.  Click “go”, grab a coffee, come back 10 minutes later, 50 LinkedIn connections sent!
  4. Contact Automation – You go to make a phone call, and the number is disconnected.  Or you send an email and it bounces.  By bringing contact automation to Outreach, fix the bad data on the fly.  The winners?  ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg/RainKing, and the data providers who are first to market.

As VP Sales & Business Development for my company I drove 252 sales activities yesterday – the ones that “logged” anyway.  Additionally, I visited 250 LinkedIn profiles of my best prospects, I sent connection requests to 100 people, and posted a blog that has had hundreds of views, by my prospects via LinkedIn.  Actual “sales activities” = 602.  And I attended 2 demos with my reps, and one closing call.

Jack Kosakowski is one of the loudest voices in the market today on social selling vs. cold calling.  When you put conversation automation, real time voice AI, LinkedIn automation, and contact automation into Outreach, now one VP like myself can do the work of 10 sellers.

This approach is coming soon to sales engagement.  I’m doing this today by using best in breed technologies in unison.  Imagine when this becomes commercially available.  How does the world change for SDRs and BDRs who do the day to day “navigation”?


Who will bring sales engagement benchmarking to the market so that CEOs and VPs will know if they suck… or NOT!?


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