Have you ever invested years of your life to achieve a goal, and just when you think you’ve reached it, it’s taken away from you?

Scott Helmer has played over 250 live concerts each year for several years, and when he set out to achieve the Guinness World Record for Most Live Concerts Headlined in 24 Hours (multiple cities), he tied Hunter Hay’s record last year (2015).  It’s a tough business beating a Guinness World Record!  Think about it – Evel Knievel had several failed attempts, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney – all failed on multiple occasions.

On #GivingTuesday 2015, Scott Helmer and his “roadies” Chad Burmeister & Mike O’Neil, and a few others, traveled from California to Nevada to Utah, only to find that the helicopter was called off halfway through the big day.  This would mean that there was no way Scott could finish all of the concerts in 24 hours, and Scott, like so many great people in history, would experience “failure” on this day.  I put “FAILURE” in quotes because when you realize that FAILING IS OK, and EVERYONE FAILS, you realize that to achieve your goals, you must be willing to learn.  FAIL = First Attempt In Learning.

Scott Helmer, like many of us in life, experienced setbacks – lost his business, lost his cars, basically lost “everything” to the point he was a millisecond away from suicide.  Then something clicked, or perhaps someone intervened – was it God, was it an Angel?  If you attend one of Scott’s concerts on #GivingTuesday, he’ll tell you himself!  Scott’s story has helped military families cope with PTSD, and teens re-consider suicide, and EVERY TIME he steps on stage and looks out at the audience, he is reminded of the gift of one more concert – because had Scott pulled the trigger that day, things would be different now.

Don’t miss some or all of the concert stops starting 11/28 to 11/29! http://scotthelmer.com/tour-dates/

DanielleLerner of ABC15 gets it!  ABC15 interviewed Scott to help #StopSuicide.







Scott Helmer playing a stop at Tuachahn on #GivingTuesday, 2015.




A year later, this story might just have a happy ending!  On #GivingTuesday, November 29th, Scott Helmer will attempt to complete what he started – breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Live Concerts Headlined in 24 Hours (multiple cities)!

Follow Scott Helmer via Twitter @scotthelmer, and via #NeverGiveUpGWR

As my grandparents always said every day, “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice, and be glad in it!”  Amen.

Scott’s first Twitter post of the day!











What does this story have to do with SalesHack?

When I was a teenager, I too considered what it would mean to just “go away”.  But, like Scott, I stuck with it, worked hard, went to college, found great mentors and over time, experience multiple victories.  It wasn’t easy.  In my first sales training, I froze in front of 50+ new hire sales professionals–completely froze.  Months later, I was fired from my first job out of college!  I wasn’t sure I would make it in sales.  Fast forward to today – I’m the Sr. Director of WW Sales Development for a publicly traded software company, I’ve written two books, I’ve trained hundreds of sales professionals, speak at sales events all over the world, and happy to have friends like Scott Helmer!

This is why #NeverGiveUpGWR has so much meaning for me personally.

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