Sales Hack #107: Intelligent Scheduling Hack

Getting prospects on the phone is the most difficult task for any BDR team.  And even when you can engage with the Lead (via a direct dial or email) getting that first meeting in the calendar is ridiculously difficult. The “best case” situation is when your BDR team is ready to immediately follow-up with good leads at the earliest possible point and that’s not always going to happen.  According to research at, (×21-5.pdf?a=blg001) 30% of leads are never followed up with at all and if you don’t follow-up with a lead within 5 minutes, you’re chances to talk to them fall by 400%. 

AI is making great strides to automate much of administrative tasks of outbound calling and allow Reps to focus quickly on the leads that may matter most.  Salesforce’s Einstein Lead Scoring and other vendors give a way to qualify a lead via a score and identify the likelihood to convert the lead based on predictive analytics calculated on data within your CRM system.  Focus on the high scores immediately to maximize conversion potential.  But even with that knowledge in your hands, can you count on your team to reach out within 5 minutes?    TimeTrade has taken Lead Development further by automating the outbound engagement with Scheduler to automatically schedule an appointment with your leads immediately and automatically and get them on the calendar.  BDRs at TimeTrade have seen an 4x increase in appointments when they use appointment invitations as opposed to just calling behind a lead inquiry. 

 We wrote recently that it takes ~287 activities to book a meeting.  And we asked, “Why don’t more sales teams just require 10,000 sales activities per month?”    The answer is without the right combination of people, process, and technology, these attempts fail.  Take a look at automating the meeting engagement and watch your meetings increase.  It’s called Intelligent Scheduling.  Check it out at

Contributed by Steven Connolly, Director of Product Management @TimeTrade

Good selling!  @SalesHack

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