Sales Hack #15: The AA-ISP Hack


Ok, so this one isn’t really a “hack”, it’s just common business sense!

The “Hack”:

#1 Join the AA-ISP at
#2 Volunteer to help your local chapter as Chapter President or offer to help with driving attendance, or anything that the local chapter needs
#3 Every week when the AA-ISP sends out new member notifications, connect with them on LinkedIn and/or add them to your CRM.
#4 Email and/or call these new members and welcome them to the AA-ISP. Have a friendly conversation, who knows they may just make a great client!
#5 Help your local chapter drive awareness and attendance at quarterly meetings! Download contacts with AE, or Inside Sales or Sales Manager in the title, email and call them to let them know about your quarterly meeting!

Why do all this. Sharing is caring! Help other people discover the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and they may just help you by buying your product and saying good things about you as a sales professional.

Good selling!

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