Sales Hack #14: The Integrated Alliances Social Media Hack


Recently, I spoke at an Integrated Alliances conference in Denver, Co with Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neil, two of the Forbes 50 Social Media Power Influencers.

The first thing I learned–abandon @velocity_sales Twitter handle because the _ is a very bad idea–so I moved to @saleshack which better defines me anyway!

The second thing I learned in a one hour session with Lori Ruff–by joining her Gaggle Amp, I can post some content and in minutes drive over 1m views and hundreds of clicks to my website! Who needs Google Adwords when you have Lori and Gaggle Amp!

Creating or being part of these social networks is a key strategy in today’s selling environment. If you haven’t checked out for their 2015 events, you should!

Here’s to the LinkedIn Rockstars Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neil!

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