Sales Hack #16: The Two Year Booking Hack


You’ve been in sales for a while and it’s likely that the difference between an amazing quarter and an average or below average quarter is 1-2 big deals.

The Two Year Booking Hack may be just what you’ve been looking for.

How does it work:
1) Get the client to agree to the one year deal at a slight discount. (Example: $325k deal that lists for $400k for 10 seats).
2) Ask if they would entertain a two year deal in return for 1) price protection and 2) get more for less. Example: the same deal above you could offer $650k for two year deal, and instead of 10 seats, give them “up to 12 or up to 15”.

They win, you win. And more important you break out of your plateau of average bookings by doubling a few of your bigger ones!

Good selling!

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