Sales Hack #18: The LinkedIn “Recommendation” Hack


Thanks to Chad Massaker for this social selling hack!

Not sure of if this is a hack, but I have not found a way to create or get to this form by simply clicking around the Nav menu of Linkedin, so I thought that I would share. 

Anyways, if you want more Recommendations for your Linkedin profile, Linkedin currently makes you ask for those requests through Linkedin and you can only request 3 at a time. 

However, here is a special link that you can send out via email or social email that will accomplish the same thing, that anyone can use. 

Here  is my link:

To get your special link, you will want change out that last set of numbers with your member member ID which you can pull from the url / address bar. See example below. Member ID is circled in Red

You can use this as a 1 time thing to boost your recommendations (and hence ranking) on Linkedin, and/or, put persistent hyperlinks in your email signatures, e-newsletters, etc. Get creative! I will probably use for for my technicians when they close service ticket. Have a hyper link that asks for a recommendation once the ticket is closed. 

Chad Massaker, Certified HIPAA Security Professional

CEO, Carceron

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