Sales Hack #19: The Multiplication Hack


As Sales Development becomes it’s own department in hundreds of corporations this year, multiplication is the key to setting and measuring the KPIs (and overall productivity if the sales team). Check out this Forbes article about this topic.

As Craig Rosenberg (twitter: @funnelholic) posted at the end of 2014, 2015 is the year of “The Rise of The Machines”. Meaning, Reps (and companies) who will be successful are the ones who successfully leverage technology to dominate their markets.

The Math:

Marketing Automation Leverage – Solutions like ActOn and Eloqua, empower marketers with leverage and sales people with a way to always be in front of their prospects.

The leverage? Often 2-3x as many meetings per Lead Gen Rep than without it!

Sales Acceleration Technology – ConnectAndSell is the only patented technology that is proven to 10x the capacity of an LDR! Click here to read “1000 is the new 100”.

The Leverage: 10X more sales conversations!

Sales Coaching as a Service (also called Sales Acceleration Training) – Sales coaching isn’t a new concept and hundreds of trainers have taught various methodologies in sales to drive more deals and revenue. Sales Coaching as a Service delivers “top of the funnel” training built specifically for Lead Gen Reps through a combination of on site training, coupled with ongoing webinars and most important, monthly 1:1s with the Lead Gen Reps. It’s the ongoing training that causes LDRs to maintain the high conversion rates.

The Leverage: 2-3X improved conversion rate from conversation to meeting.

Predictive Analytics (or Predictive Lead Scoring) – Put simply, many companies fail to look at their customer base to stack rank and score their leads. New companies like Lattice and Infer have shown up to solve this problem.

The Leverage – When companies call all the possible leads in the universe without a focus on the market they want to own (The A Leads), Reps burn sales cycles on deals not worth while, and the company loses. By providing lead scoring for the Reps, companies are seeing 1.3-1.5X better close rates!

The Math:

Marketing Automation (2x factor)
Sales Acceleration (5x factor)
Coaching as a Service (3x factor)
Predictive Analytics (1.5x factor)


1 Rep with all of the above, can produce what used to take 5-10 Lead Gen Reps.

Example: LDR with no tools

10 meetings per month
Times marketing automation (+10)
Times Sales Acceleration (+40)
Times Coaching (+10)
Times Predictive Lead Scoring (+5)

Total: 75/month

Don’t believe the math… test it! ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand will deliver 10,000 dials using all of the multipliers above to deliver 50-100 meetings for your sales organization (in under one month). Email to learn more.

Once completed, you can either continue to outsource your Lead Generation or bring it in house.

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