Sales Hack #24: The Last Shall Be First Hack

LastshallbefirstWhen a lead comes in to the top of the funnel, who typically calls that lead?

ANSWER: For most B2B sales organizations today, it’s a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

WHY: Because often sales leaders, and executives of companies are busy people.

WHAT IS THE RESULT OF THIS SITUATION: SDRs are typically millenials who just graduated from college, and have limited business experience.  This lack of business experience causes these SDRs to miss opportunities or as Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell says, “fly right right over the zebras”.

Sales Hack #24, The Last Shall Be First Hack, goes like this:

  1. Lead comes into the 800#, and rings a “hunt group” of top company executives, or top sales leaders who know how to have a substantive business conversation.
  2. Lead comes in by webform from the website, gets routed to an Inside Sales Representative or a Sales Development Representative, and instead of the SDR getting into a substantive sales conversation, the SDR “hot transfers” the call by calling one number that rings 5-7 executives (the hunt group).
  3. After the executive talks to the prospect, and closes at a much higher % close rate compared to SDR to Account Executive (AE) transfer, THEN transfer the lead from the executive to the Account Executive.

As Chris Beall says, “fill their calendars with sales instead of useless internal meetings.  Teach Reps what your company is really about, STOP guessing about your pipeline, swim in it!”

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