Sales Hack #7 1/2: How I hacked Dreamforce 2014 (#DF14)

salesforce hackathon

Although this isn’t THE $1M Hackathon we’re talking about… It’s the $187,500 Sales Hack #7 1/2!  

In 2013, ConnectAndSell invested $187,500 in the Dreamforce extravaganza, and what did they get for it?

ANSWER: Several mid to low level managers asking for a demo, a lot of frustrated man hours wasted on NOPO buyers (no power, no authority), and they got waterlogged with all the rain last year.

Fast forward to 2014, and through the use of various Sales Acceleration Technology, we’ve oversold an offsite event at the Four Seasons Hotel on Wednesday at Noon – 2pm called “Sales Velocity Meets DreamForce 2014“.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.30.08 PM

The Sales Hack goes like this:

  1. Book an Airbnb 1-2 weeks before Dreamforce (hotels are $750/night, Airbnb, nice houses for as low as $250/night).  Total cost: $1600 for 5 nights.
  2. Book a hotel conference room for $2,200 at the Four Seasons Hotel.
  3. Invite world famous thought leaders to speak about the things that they (and your audience) care about.  Trish Bertuzzi, Lori Richardson, Kyle Porter, Josiane Feigon, Usman Muzaffar and the list goes on…
  4. Ask them to post the event via Social Media, and include in their email notifications to their prospects and customers.

The results: Over 80 registered attendees, some very happy thought leaders who can share their wisdom with others, and a very happy VP of Sales & Marketing with a list of nearly 80 hot prospects!

If you attended this session – hope you enjoyed it!

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