Sales Hack #27: Sales Hack Sells 1,000 Copies!


Today (October 12, 2015) I was asked by The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) to join the CEB Sales & Marketing Summit next week in Vegas.  I was originally invited by CEB to attend a private event for 25 or so sales authors & speakers and turned out, I would be in Alaska fishing with my Dad & brother that particular week.  So I’m thrilled to be invited to the annual conference that expects to have 900 of the world’s thought leaders around sales & marketing in attendance.

SalesHackWhat’s super exciting to me is that by pulling this book together, I truly feel that I’ve accomplished a BIG mission in my life which is to help transform the lives of others in their abilities to sell professionally.  And today, when copy #1,000 of Sales Hack was ordered, I’m pleased that so many sales professionals can experience the power of this book.

THANK YOU Corporate Executive Board for inviting me to attend the event (and cover/tweet about it), THANK YOU to the contributors of the book including Kraig Kleeman, Trish Bertuzzi, Craig Rosenberg, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Kurt Shaver, Matt Heinz, Ralph Barsi, and the list goes on with 32 of my sales brothers and sisters!  THANK YOU Chris Orlob for inviting me to speak on your podcast next week where you’re pulling together sales thought leaders and will drive visibility to sales best practices and your new company the will drive conversation analytics for sales leaders!  THANK YOU Trish Bertuzzi for your ongoing guidance about all things INSIDE SALES.  THANK YOU Bob Perkins and Larry Reeves, from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals ( for your contribution to my career, and for your help in my 6 years running voted Top 25 Inside Sales Professional in the world!  THANK YOU Dave Kurlan for analyzing my sales and leadership skills, and helping me focus on hiring A PLAYERS!  THANK YOU Gerhard Gschwandtner for including in last months edition of Selling Power!  THANK YOU Andy Paul for interviewing me for your PODCAST!  THANK YOU to everyone for your help in accomplishing my dream.  And thank you for helping hit 1,000 copies ordered after just a few weeks since launching the book at DREAMFORCE!  THANK YOU Chris Beall for your belief enough in me to promote me to VP Sales & Marketing on January 14, 2014.  This has been a wild ride, and working with you, Shawn McLaren, and Hitesh Shah, I continue to learn more and more every day, and live the dream that I always had to be a respected sales executive at a technology company.

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