the 12k sales activity challenge

We’re launching the 12k sales activity challenge this month to raise awareness for “Blame-Itus“, a chronic pain in tech companies when a Rep will blame someone other than themselves for sales failure.  Think of it like a 12K run – you have to have motivation, perseverance, and perhaps equally important access to technology to achieve this type of market domination.  So far, I’m just 2k into the full 12k sales activity challenge.  Click here to request a free trial or test drive on any of these solutions – we can hook you up!

According to the analysts, the “average” inside sales professional puts up around 50 sales activities/day (or 1,000/month).  Last I checked, average doesn’t cut it anymore in technology software sales, and why stop at “just above average”.  With Artificial Intelligence on the horizon, it’s time to show what a SUPER SALES PERSON can do when powered by 12,000 sales activities in a month.

Sales Engagement Technology has shown to increase sales activity:

To help Bob Perkins, Founder of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, me, and Michael Farrell, COO of By Appointment Only (BAO), benchmark some of these KPIs, I’d like to publically share what I’m doing this month, and see if anyone else out there would like to join me in this effort.  The goal of the 12k sales activity challenge: 1) drive more sales in a month by a brand new sales rep than ever and 2) report on the results – for a 12k sales activity month, how many discovery calls are booked, how many demos, how many opportunities, total pipeline value, and how many closed/won deals? (closed/won deals could take a few months depending on your sales cycle time).

What I’ll be testing if anyone would care to join me:

  1. – Load 30 contacts/day, and follow a 9 touch sequence over 20 days (5,000 sales activities)
  2. ConnectAndSell – Run a two hour call blitz/day, driving 250 dials/day, 12 – 15 conversations/day (5,000 sales activities)
  3. LinkedIn Navigator Connections – Connect with 100 net new prospects/day (LinkedIn Helper is something I’m testing), Director & higher titles and deliver valuable content to them (2,000 “sales activities”, expected 24% accept rate = 480 new connections)

Who has access to Outreach + ConnectAndSell + LinkedIn that wants to sign up to provide their results to this study?


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