Sales Hack #29: Uber For Sales? Push Button, Have Sales Conversation In 3 Minutes!

imageToday, after meeting with Zoom in San Jose, California, I had a flight to catch at 550pm.  Since it was 415pm when we got out, and I had to drop a rental car at the airport, couldn’t take our CEO back to his car in Los Gatos, or I would risk missing my flight home!

What did Chris do?  Pushed a button, ordered an Uber, spent $15-$20 to catch a ride to his car.

Now consider this.  You are a sales rep for your company and making quota is dependent upon you talking to prospects.  Push a button, talk to a prospect in under 3 minutes!

What’s more valuable?  A ride home, or another conversation with a prospect!  Now imagine a sales development rep pushing the buttons 50 times per day and having 50 conversations!  Or your quota carrying sales person and attempting 50 active opportunities that are currently in flight.

Push a button, talk to a prospect turns out to be “the killer app” for RingCentral, IBM,



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